Richie Necker received a very special present from his eldest sister for his ninth birthday, which was to influence his whole life: two tapes with Beatles songs, which he would play non-stop in his parental home in Amberg. One year later Richie’s classical education (piano/voc) began in earnest when he started to attend the local music high school, but at the same time he concentrated on learning to play the guitar – Beatles songs simply sound better on a guitar!

At the age of eleven he founded his first band: FAX rehearsed in a boiler room, they were noisy, boisterous, energetic – in the early 1980s this was called punk. Richie was in charge of composing and writing song lyrics in addition to playing the guitar, and as the German lyrics hit the zeitgeist pretty nicely, the band got successful engagements surprisingly fast, e.g. at the great anti-WAA festival in 1982.

Over time the young musician was drawn more and more to down-to-earth rock’n’roll. In 1985 he co-founded Rock’n’Rolls Royce & The Brass Brothers Connection. Three LP productions (“Soy Party”, 1986, “Shut up ‘n’ listen” (SPV), 1989, and “Pointed Shoes” (RTD), 1991) as well as tours throughout Germany are proof of the popularity of the “neurotic nine”, who travelled Germany until February of 1993.

After that Richie formed a guitar rock trio, the Rock Doctors, the first LP “Take Six” (Peppertone Rec.) was released in November, 1993. From then on he has been performing incredible shows at clubs, parties, open airs and city festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland together with British musician Gary Wilton in the duo Paris Heights, and since 1999 as Ricardo & Gazzarooni with a completely new program. Together they produced radio-pop in Gary’s studio, music for TV shows, e.g. trailers for Champion’s League TM3, 11/2000, and a lot more.

Creative spirit
In 1994 Richie Necker finally decided to turn his passion into a job and he went pro. Since that time he has been on tour with innumerable musicians and bands from the most diverse fields in studios and live on tour, and he was booked as a guitarist and singer for various tour bands, CD productions and TV-shows (Nicki, Lisa Fitz, Uwe Kroeger, Chris Norman, Chris De Burgh, Geier Sturzflug, ZDF Hitparade, Fancy ….), live shows and TV shows throughout Central Europe followed.

Since that time Richie Necker solo has existed as well, a solo program with a wide choice of classics from pop music, folk, country, blues, rock’n’roll and his own compositions, which the audience in live clubs throughout Germany and the European neighbours welcomed enthusiastically.

In 1997 the second solo CD “Sad’n’Beautiful” (Peppertone Rec.) was released. When the album received critical acclaim from the media and the fans, Richie and Alex Pleines (Cap a pie studio) decided to work together later in the same year. The German 2001 CD “Augen auf…!” (“Open your eyes…!”) resulted from this cooperation.

In 2002 I Dolci Signori was founded, and the very successful Italian-German band (opening of the Giro d’Italia and other events) debuted with the CD “Attenzione”, which was released in fall 2003.

2004: I Dolci Signori signed a contract for a CD with Mint Rec. / Zyx Music. The maxi singles “Mia Bella Signorina” (2004), “Che Sera” (2005), “Ballando” (2006) followed.

Since May 2004 I Dolci Signori have been playing on the radio, on TV and live on the extremely successful “Notte di Stelle” tours, premiering on TV on June 27, 2004 in ZDF Fernsehgarten. After that international success throughout Europe as well as in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi December 31, 2005) followed, and meanwhile more than 30 VÖ worldwide make I Dolci the “most successful Italian band in D…” (media 2005).

From 2004 to 2007 Richie Necker wrote new songs in German as well as in Italian and English, three songs by Uwe Kroeger on CD (BMG Austria, e.g. single “All I Want”), title songs for international TV series, and he cooperated in music adaptations for international TV series.  

All of this not being enough, he has been a member of the Passau “Allstar Band” The Elevators since 2004/05, a jazz-pop-soul-rock-gala/cover band with excellent references that guarantees first class entertainment on numerous events throughout Germany.

In 2008 Richie Necker was confronted with a devastating stroke of fate in his private life: In January he lost his wife Marion and has been a single dad for his three children since then – not an easy task for a musician who is on the road a lot. But even in this hard time it’s his music that gives him the strength to go on, that inspires him anew and remains the driving force in his life.

In 2009 “Fermare il tempo” (Edel Rec.), the first CD by I Dolci Signori solely with their own compositions was released. The ensuing tour was an overwhelming success, the fans of the “sweet gentlemen” absolutely adored it.

Since late 2014, Richie has been working on the "Long-Time Project" New Album and releases Odysseus" in 2016 (Timezone Records)

Since then Richie has been very successful on stage with his trio "Richie Necker & friens" - songs from the album ODYSSEUS and acoustic favourites, arranged in The trio cast guitar-percussion double- The artist's favorite project has since thrilled audiences

2017: I Dolci Signori celebrate great success with their musical "AZZURRO", since the premiere on 10.02.2017 the production thrills the fans first at Landesthetaer Niederbayern and then from autumn 2017 on the AZZURRO tour in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy

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Richie Necker 2018: A full-blooded musician in a great variety of formations, as a solo artist and band musician, performing live on the stages of Germany, Austria and Switzerland 200 times a year, composer of his own music as well as co-author, guest and session musician working for friends and colleagues, a man who lives for and from music and is full of new plans and energy for his future musical creation.