RICHIE NECKER solo 2015 „The Music Man“

Anytime and anywhere. Richie Necker can’t help it: He needs to make music. He is a musical visionary and believer who is standing onstage in the spotlight about 200 times a year, here today, on a different stage tomorrow. Since he caught the rock’n’roll fever as a teenager the stage means to him what their office is to other people. Or rather: It is his workshop, his studio. Here, there and everywhere. Richie Necker is a music man. A guitar man. A storyteller. A rocker. A sensitive entertainer. Someone who captures the spirit of the international language of music. Solo or as a bandleader. In any case:  anytime and anywhere.
Richie Necker solo: with nothing but his voice and his guitar the full-blooded musician feels at home on every kind of stage, he presents soul, rock, blues, country and folk combined with the best possible entertainment: unplugged, expertly and authentic.   Richie’s love of experiments plus a wide-ranging musical background from years of tour experience and numerous engagements in different bands make every single concert he gives an unforgettable musical event.
Richie Necker, a professional musician who lives near Regensburg, has been on tour throughout Europe for many years and has had engagements on different continents – he has come a long way since his beginnings as a ten-year-old enthusiastic Beatles fan, followed by his first experiences with a band at the age of twelve, the first nationwide success in Germany in the late 1980s, the first recordings at the age of 18: the love of music has always been the driving force of his life, and even so many years later you can feel his enthusiasm at every performance of singer / guitar player Rickie Necker.